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In the event that someone finds content contrary to current regulations or that may be harmful, please notify us as soon as possible at the following address or, if applicable, by post to calle Carretería, 53, local commercial, 29008 MÁLAGA (Málaga).



Our services are only aimed at people over 18 years of age. The services offered on this website will be accessible to a minor as the owner thereof, only with the legitimate and express consent of her parent or guardian. In the event that receives a reservation or information from a person under 18 years of age, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation and delete said information.



For any litigious matter or that concerns our website or any of those that depend on it, Spanish legislation will apply, being competent to resolve all disputes arising from or related to the use of this website, the Courts and Courts of Malaga, Spain and, where appropriate, consumer Arbitration Courts or similar to which we are attached, at the time of the dispute.

To present claims in the use of our services, you can write by mail to the electronic or physical address indicated above, and in any case you must resort to a friendly solution in the first instance.



1st ACCEPTANCE.- Making any reservation implies acceptance of these general conditions.

2nd PREPAYMENT.- The system requests a payment or guarantee by credit card or bank transfer of 30% of the total rental amount within a period of 1 day, the reservation being conditional on the acceptance of payment by the bank .

3rd RESERVATION.- Your reservation can be made by phone, email or directly online on our website. The reservation will be completed when the user receives the reservation confirmation by email with their tracking number.

4th INTERMEDIATION.- The reservation formalizes the rent of the house announced directly between the guest and the owner. Olédays acts as a mere intermediary between the parties, the owner being solely responsible for keeping the home in perfect condition to be inhabited, and in accordance with the description and photographs that appear in the advertisement.

5th KEYS.- It is not allowed to make any copies of the access keys to the building, home, garage and/or common areas; nor the change of the lock of the house, and said act may entail criminal or civil actions that protect Olédays in law. In case of loss of the aforementioned keys, a minimum penalty of €30 will be deducted. If you forget the key inside the house during your stay, the opening will have a charge of €50. In the case of leaving keys inside the house, inside the lock, the possible expenses of opening the door will be paid by the person who owns the reservation.

6th DATA.- All the data entered by the user is recorded on a secure server and we guarantee that access to this information is exclusive by the reservation staff and will only be made for the purposes of the reservation itself and to communicate to the client future promotions and offers.

7ª OCCUPANTS.- Only the maximum number of people defined in the characteristics of the accommodation and the contracted rate may stay.

8. CLEANING.- The accommodation will be made available to the client in proper cleaning conditions. The people staying agree to leave the apartment in reasonable cleanliness conditions without garbage or food remains.

9. EQUIPMENT.- The people staying agree to leave the accommodation with the same conditions of conservation of the furniture and equipment that they found at the entrance. Any damage caused must be paid upon departure.

10. RULES OF THE HOUSE.- The people staying agree to respect the rules of the community of owners of the building and the rules of the accommodation itself, especially with regard to not making annoying noises that may disturb the environment. neighborhood break. Smoking is completely prohibited in the accommodation and in the common areas of the building. The celebration of parties or events is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these rules will be grounds for expulsion from the home without the right to compensation, as well as a penalty of €200.00.

11. PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ADVERTISEMENT.- The houses may undergo small aesthetic or decoration changes (never functional) that have not been updated in the photographs of the advertisement.

12. PETS.- Pets are welcome in most of our accommodations, upon request. We ask them the same as people, to be respectful of the house and the neighbors. Guests must take responsibility for their well-being and for any damage that occurs. A fee of €20 is charged for the entire reservation (not for each day), to compensate the cleaner for the extra time she must dedicate, since we must do a special cleaning to avoid possible problems for people allergic to animal hair. We can prepare a bed and a drinker-feeder, upon request. In the case of a guide dog, the fee must not be paid and they have access to all accommodation without any type of restriction.

13. MODIFICATIONS.- We reserve the right to change the contracted apartment for one of similar or superior characteristics in cases of force majeure, such as damages occurring after the date of the reservation. These changes will have no cost to the client.

14th SECURITY DEPOSIT.- Olédays reserves the right to demand a deposit/security deposit. After check out, the accommodation will be reviewed to confirm that it is tidy and without significant damage or loss of items such as keys, towels, etc. If everything is in order, and if said deposit has been required, it will be refunded at the time of departure. In case of loss of keys, €30 will be paid. We will not request compensation for minor damage, such as the breakage of a plate, wine glass, etc., only those that are the result of improper use.

15th PRICES.- Prices are always shown in EUROS (€) and may vary daily depending on various factors and depending on each of the accommodations. For this reason, Olédays reserves the right to change them, updating them automatically on the website and on the platforms where their accommodations are promoted.

16th RATES AND CANCELLATION.- To reserve an accommodation, a non-refundable deposit must be paid. This signal is 30% of the total price of the reservation depending on the rate chosen. If the reservation was made through another portal that is not, the conditions will be those described in that web portal. If the reservation was made through a travel agency or travel agent, the conditions will be those previously agreed with said agency or agent. In the case of not showing up on the day of entry (no show) the traveler must pay 100% of the reservation.

17ª REGISTRATION OF GUESTS.- To stay it is essential to present the identity card or passport on arrival, no person over 14 years of age who does not comply with the legal registration upon arrival at the accommodation can be accommodated.

18TH ENTRY AND DEPARTURE.- Check in will take place from 3:00 p.m. and check out before 11:00 a.m., but both the entry and exit times will be flexible and negotiable as long as there are no other reservations on earlier or later dates and the guest requests it sufficiently in advance.

The client must always notify the approximate time of arrival. It is an essential condition to notify at least 2 days before the arrival time, otherwise, we do not guarantee the entry time .

Departures after 11:00 a.m. without the express permission of Olédays, will result in the charge for one more day.

19ª VEHICLES : The person staying who travels by vehicle will be fully and solely responsible for the use of the parking space in the accommodations that have this equipment, being prohibited from occupying beyond the delimited space or parking in areas other than the one in the parking space associated with the house. Not respecting the parking or garage rules and occupying an unauthorized space would entail the cancellation of the reservation and the loss of the right to use the space. Olédays is not responsible for possible theft or damage to the vehicle.

20ª INADEQUATE BEHAVIOR.- If on the day of registration the guests arrive drunk or their behavior is disrespectful of the rules, they will not be allowed to enter the accommodation.

21ª FORGOTTEN OBJECTS.- The guest must review the accommodation before leaving, in such a way that he does not forget any personal object inside. Olédays is not responsible for any object forgotten by our guests inside the accommodation, nor can it commit to making shipments. Those people who forget objects during their stay in our accommodation can claim them at our office at calle Carretería, 53, business premises, 29008 Málaga, and pick them up personally or through a courier company.

22ª VALUABLE OBJECTS.- It is the responsibility of those staying to guard at all times cash or valuables that they may bring with them. Neither the property owner, nor the insurance company, nor Olédays can be held responsible in case of loss or theft of any valuable object during the stay.

23º DISCOMFORT DUE TO NOISE.- Olédays is not responsible for the noise generated by works in the street, road works or works by neighbors, as well as building construction; neither by the normal development of life in the city or by festivities on the official calendar, such as the Holy Week processions or the Malaga Fair, and other inconveniences caused by external factors.

24th IMAGES.- Taking photographs and/or recording images for commercial purposes during the stay in the accommodation is expressly prohibited. For this purpose, the traveler must obtain express and written prior authorization from the owner.

25th INTERNET : Olédays provides a network and password to connect to a WIFI network of a local telephone provider of recognized solvency. Olédays is not responsible in any case for possible problems of connection to the WIFI network, inconsistency or signal quality; including problems derived from incompatibility in the settings of the device and said network. In the event of a failure in the connection or in the network, this will not be a compensatory reason in any way or claimable by those who stay. The incident must be reported as soon as possible on the telephone number provided by Olédays so that our team can check the status of the network and find a solution as soon as possible.

Hosted people who access the WIFI network provided are responsible for the connections established and websites visited. And they acknowledge being aware of the regulations corresponding to Data Protection and their direct responsibility for possible illegal browsing or contamination of their equipment or third parties by some type of virus.

26ª SERVICES .- Change of sheets and towels during the stay, periodic cleaning, luggage storage and breakfast. Available in the Jardines de la Catedral I, Jardines de la Catedral II, Catedral Suite, and Molina Lario Catedral accommodations.

All the extra services provided by Olédays inside and outside its website, such as transfers, tourist activities, experiences, medical care, breakfast or tasting boxes, parking, etc., are provided by other companies, so Olédays is not is responsible for problems arising from its contracting or the development of these activities or services, whether due to negligence, force majeure or fraud; being the provider companies who must assume responsibility for the use and enjoyment of the contracted services and/or products.

27ª ACCIDENTS OR MISSING .- Olédays is not responsible for accidents or

mishaps that the people housed may suffer during the time of their stay inside or outside the home; or while using the property’s equipment, including the pool, fireplace, barbecue, terrace, balconies, etc. in the case of having it / s. Tenants must have contracted personal and travel insurance that covers these circumstances.

28th ACCESS IN CASE OF DAMAGES.- The guest must authorize the Olédays staff and provide them with access when repairs have to be made or to evaluate and solve problems that have occurred (breakdown of electrical appliances, flood or water damage, etc.).

29ª ELECTRICITY AND WATER CONSUMPTION.-  Electricity and water consumption are included in the amount of the reservation, but if abusive consumption is detected, the property reserves the right to make a withholding on the amount of the deposit for excess consumption.

30th PROHIBITIONS.- The actions or activities that take place in the following points are completely prohibited:

-Assign, subrogate, sublet, totally or partially, the dwelling object of this contract, without the express consent of the landlord, as well as allocate it totally or partially for lodging

-The possession in the home of pyrotechnic material, explosive, flammable, uncomfortable or unhealthy materials, nor the development of activities that harm the property or that may cause discomfort, inconvenience or scandals to the neighbors

-Being the nature of the tourist contract for a specific time, it is strictly prohibited to register or include the address of the accommodation as an address for such purposes, as long as this contract does not have the nature of habitual residence.

-Remove any object, furniture or appliance from the accommodation. in no

-The inappropriate use of shower and sink towels to remove make-up with them or to use them on the beach (those who stay can request specific towels for this purpose).

The person who owns the reservation will be responsible for paying for bed linen, cushions, pillows, mattresses or towels when irreparable damage has occurred to them due to inappropriate or negligent use.

-Lock the door of the building portal, in the event that the accommodation is located inside a neighboring building.

31st COMMUNICATION OF USURPATION OR DAMAGES.- The hosted persons must notify the property owner and Olédays, as soon as possible, of any usurpation or harmful novelty that another has carried out, with the person who rents being responsible for the damages and losses caused by their negligence will cause the property and/or Olédays.

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