These are the sections which are part of the Olédays commitment to minimise and compensate for the impact of its activity:

Light pollution

Light pollution

  • We use LED bulbs or low pressure sodium bulbs.
  • The lights have a power according to the environment in which they are located, without disturbing pedestrians, vehicles or fauna.
  • We illuminate from top to bottom, orienting the spotlights correctly so as not to send the light to the sky.
  • We inform about the convenience that the lighting at the entrance of the house and those located outside the accommodation and in the garden or pool areas do not remain on all night, and turn on only when necessary.
Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

  • Olédays is a local initiative that promotes sustainable local businesses. Tourism must improve the quality of life of the populations living in tourist areas and the conservation of their environmental and cultural values.
  • We do not subcontract cleaning, laundry and check-in services. We do not agree to cede important aspects of our work to companies that devalue working conditions.
  • We incorporate social concerns, equity and respect for Human Rights into our work.
  • We encourage a diverse and incluse work environment, where all people can feel respected and valued no matter their origin, their sexual identity or their gender identity.
  • We collaborate with social initiatives and respect for Human Rights in Andalusia.
  • We work with a financial entity attached to ethical and sustainable banking, whose products are not conditioned by the criteria of maximum profit and speculation. They invest in the real economy and are concerned that their activities produce a positive social or environmental impact:
ORGANIC cleaning

ORGANIC cleaning

  • We clean with certified organic products.
  • We use products with disinfectants in the toilets (moderate and adequate dose for each surface).
  • The people in charge of cleaning carry out responsible work to take care of health and the environment.
  • We have ecological cleaning products available for guests, including laundry detergent and dishwasher.
  • Our accommodations receive professional disinsection treatments in which we bet on preventive physical procedures.
  • If the use of chemicals is necessary, the use of low-toxicity and easily biodegradable biocides is prioritized, restricting their use to the minimum necessary dose.


  • We select, whenever possible, products with packaging made from recycled, biodegradable and returnable materials.
  • There are bins to separate the waste in each holiday home.
  • We provide our guests with practical information on recycling and the location of the closest containers and clean points.
Energy saving

Energy saving

  • We use LED lights.
  • Our appliances are energy efficient.
Green energy

Green energy

  • The energy is supplied by a non-profit green energy cooperative, in charge of the production and commercialization of energy of origin
Support for environmental initiatives

Support for environmental initiatives

  • We support local initiatives for the defense of the environment in Andalusia. We donate 1% of each reservation through our website to Salvemos Esparteros.
  • We spread these initiatives among our guests and invite them to collaborate with a small voluntary contribution at the time of their reservation.
Eco consumption

Eco consumption

  • All our sheets and towels are 100% cotton
  • Organic consumption and fair trade
  • We attend to environmental and social criteria in purchases, by choosing materials, products and suppliers with environmental certification.
  • We offer information to our guests about organic and fair trade shops, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and other businesses.
Water saving

Water saving

  • Our accommodations have water-saving devices in taps and toilets
Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility

  • All commutes and transportation required for our everyday activities are made preferrably by bicycle and public transport.
  • We offer information to our guests about the bike lane network, and about the resources available around the use of bicycles near each accommodation.
  • We send our guests information on urban and intercity public transport.
  • We collaborate with the platform Ciclogreen, that twice a year measures sustainable mobility patterns in commuting to work, participating in their challenges and offering incentives for sustainable mobility.

Olédays Manifesto

We know what we do, we have the best professional tools for you to obtain maximum profitability. But making you earn money is not at odds with certain things. We are aware of the impact that tourist activity has on Malaga and on the environment. We love our city and we want to take care of it. We are not pretending to be saviors

... of the planet, but we take reducing our footprint very seriously, which is why we commit to concrete measures, even if we have to deviate from the easiest, shortest or cheapest path.

But the sustainability of tourism also has to do with the benefits that this activity generates at a social and economic level. We are proud that the more local distribution of the benefits promoted by tourist homes, extending a network that reaches many families, contributes to the fact that the owners of the homes we manage and the workers of our team can develop their projects and grow with us.

We want to demolish false myths, as we promote a model of respect between guests and the neighborhood, a coexistence that is enriching and positive for everyone. We do not admit parties in our accommodations, and we maintain continuous contact with the neighbors for whatever they may need. We personally receive our guests, look them in the eye and offer them a warm welcome, informing them of the rules of the house and the community, as well as recommendations for nearby shops and businesses that benefit the local economy. We offer them much more than they expect, and in return we receive gratitude and respect. Even so, we install noise monitoring sensors in our accommodations to be aware of any disturbing noise before anyone else and to be able to maintain a harmonious neighborhood.

And to make sure that we continue to have everything under control, we have a maximum quota of properties to manage. More than properties, we want people who share the responsible and close management model that we propose. If you feel comfortable with what you've read, let's sit down and talk.

Olédays Manifesto

By David Cedeño, CEO

We clean without harmful chemicals

House cleaning usually involves a large quantity of different chemicals, most of them dangerous for the environment, as well as for the people who use them or use clothes which were washed by some of these chemicals.

Being conscious of this problem, we have decided to use eco friendly products to ensure the cleanliness of our apartments, gentle enough to wash bed linen and towels. With this modest contribution, we hope to reduce exposure to harmful products that irritate the skin and also decrease its presence in our rivers and seas.

But our commitment goes beyond cleaning the accommodation without chemically dirtying the environment, as we are aware of the importance of recycling, energy saving and the use of energy from renewable sources and social sustainability, as you can consult in the points of the Ecological Commitment Oledays.

Environmental certification

The fruit of our labour, which we achieved in accordance with our Ecological Commitment, is that the Olédays lodgings has been the first apartments for tourist use to receive the ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY CERTIFICATION which is given by the environmental department of Málaga council. Olédays ha sido también certificada por WeRespect, en reconocimiento a su compromiso con el medio ambiente y el respeto vecinal.

Logo de Certificación de Calidad Ambiental del Ayuntamiento de Málaga Empresa certificada por su compromiso con la convivencia vecinal y el medio ambiente por weRespect

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