For a new tourism


The health crisis has paralyzed tourism activity, but not the commitment of the people, associations and companies that believe in sustainable tourism. We have found an opportunity to reflect and share ideas and proposals thanks to initiatives such as #TurismoReset, a community of professionals in the tourism sector committed to a new model of tourism development, more sensitive to the environmental challenges facing today’s society.

Olédays has adhered to this Manifesto for the regeneration of the tourism sector through a socially equitable, environmentally respectful and economically sustainable model:

#TurismoReset is a community made up of professionals from different profiles, origins and interests, which reflect the transversal nature of the tourism sector. A group that has come together under the common goal of thinking and working for a new model of tourism development, in accordance with the challenges presented by this new situation. A vision of work that is truly sustainable and responsible, capable of facing the great challenges faced not only by the sector, but also by society as a whole.

We are faced with a situation in which unity is essential. At the same time, a greater plurality of visions and opinions is lacking in the public debate in the sector, in relation to the best way out of the crisis. In this context of uncertainty, it is convenient not only to take into account the short term and actions in a conjunctural key, aimed at recovering the previous levels as soon as possible. It is also essential to have a broader view, a necessary long-term vision, in a structural key, that understands and corrects what was not being done well in many destinations. In this sense, #TurismoReset has become a space for collaboration and dialogue, strengthening relations between actors and working collectively in the search for regenerative solutions for the industry.

The current COVID-19 health crisis represents a turning point in our lives, which will affect some activities more than others. There seems to be a general consensus that tourism will be one of the last sectors to recover and, in a situation as difficult as this, it is more necessary than ever to identify opportunities. Despite the fact that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainability in general are very present in the debate, it is necessary to go a step further and propose concrete ideas and actions, designed in terms of Public Administration, the socioeconomic fabric of destinations, resident population and visitors.

Tourism must take a proactive role in this crisis, becoming a leading agent of change. It is called to be a sector that:

Right now it is worth asking ourselves if we want the same exponential growth in which we were immersed, where the quantitative dimension has prevailed over the qualitative one. We must take advantage of this moment of pause to understand the implications of a continuous increase in the number of travelers, without paying attention to the effects that are produced in the environment and biodiversity, as well as in the communities and their ways of life. It is essential to introduce concepts such as carrying capacity and growth limits into the debate, so as to minimize environmental impacts while maximizing the social profitability of the model.

For all these reasons, in this period of urgency and crisis, this group of Tourism Professionals for the Regeneration of the Sector considers it necessary to raise their voices from serenity and conviction. We defend that it is necessary to give a new direction to the future of tourism, which is consolidated on the pillars of a new model around the needs of people and respect for the environment.

With this objective, and as a result of a process of collective reflection, we have drawn up the following list of priority actions. A starting point that we intend to serve as a roadmap for professionals and administrations and that, in turn, will be developed through multidisciplinary work groups: